Ihiya Biological Reserve has the potential to place San Juan Island at the forefront of the sustainability movement by addressing a diversity of issues with a single solution.


 Preserving and protecting this critical wetland (Trout Lake Branch of False Bay Creek and marshland) and surrounding ecosystem significantly helps protect the Island’s precious water resources and ecological diversity.

It also provides essential and natural wildcrafted plant-based medicine, including sustainable harvesting opportunities, education, and the creation of a donation-based community apothecary.

In addition, Ihiya offers public access including walking trails that serve as an important link between Mount Grant and the San Juan Valley trail system. This land is a place where people can experience the proper alignment of humans to the natural environment, for the benefit of present and future generations. 

Our Mission

Protect an essential watershed in the heart of San Juan Island.     
Preserve ecological diversity and native species.   
⬩ Promote citizen science and environmental education.     
⬩ Provide a natural pharmacological preserve.   
⬩ Cultivate increased health and self-reliance for our community and beyond.
 Encourage indigenous ways of awareness and conscious relationship to land and natural biota. As such, we honor and seek permission from the native peoples of this land.     
⬩ Serve as an inspiration and catalyst for change. 

Human interaction on Ihiya will be gently peripheral as the area is needing to be largely conserved. The varied ecosystems serve invaluable functions worth protecting. While this land is vibrant, it is also delicate and needs careful stewardship, in large part due to the riparian habitat winding through the middle. There is a year-round creek that ultimately feeds into False Bay Creek Preserve and False Bay Marine Preserve, marshland that supports migratory birds, and meadows, alder groves, rocky outcroppings, and forest that serve as home for a wide variety of plants and animals.

Ihiya will serve as an inspiration and a catalyst, as well as a place to walk, breath, reflect, meditate, and heal.

We are dedicated to protecting and stewarding the land for the benefit of the entire community and beyond, and to this end we will continue to partner and collaborate with local groups and nonprofits.  A critical piece of this work is seeking reparations and permission from the original peoples of this land, for we are aware that we are living on and benefiting from unceded territory of the Coast Salish People.