• On Sacred Ground is our 501(c)3 nonprofit fiscal sponsor and a colleague in forward thinking community land preservation work. 
  • Wolf Hollow. We are honored to be a release sanctuary for select rehabililitated wild animals.
  • Divination Tea House, Apothecary, and Elixer Bar. We are partnering with this newly forming business to support and encourage locally sourced wild herbal medicine.
  • We partnered with the Youth Conservation Corp to build a trail from the paring area down to the main field.
  • We are partnering with the San Juan Trails Committee to build a trail down the creek corridor that connects to Wold Rd, getting us one step closer to linking Mt. Grant and King Sisters property!

We are actively seeking partnerships with the following organizations:

San Juan County Land Bank – Conservation
Friends of the San Juans – Native peoples reconciliation work
Spring Street International School – Education, conservation, and citizen science