Ihiya is located in the heart of beautiful San Juan Island, WA, on unceded land of the Coast Salish People. It consists of 33 acres of varied habitat. There is a year-round creek that ultimately feeds into False Bay Creek Preserve and False Bay Marine Preserve, a marshland that supports migratory birds, meadows, alder groves, rocky outcroppings, and forest that serve as home for a wide variety of plants and animals. 

“I’ve always felt this property should be preserved. Its wetlands are extensive, the alder grove exquisite, the Town of Friday Harbor water pipe easement runs through it, and it is crossed by more than 2,000 feet of the Trout Lake stream system – a stream that feeds Zylstra Lake and the False Bay Watershed. Ihiya Biological Reserve adds another link in protecting habitat and water quality for all the Land Bank, SJ Preservation Trust, and University of Washington efforts downstream in the watershed”.  Jana Marks

Prohaska Rd, to the left of the parcel, is the boundary for the preserved Trout Lake Watershed land owned by the Town of Friday Harbor.  

As can be seen, the first piece of private property that the Trout Lake branch of False Bay Creek enters upon ultimately leaving Trout Lake Watershed is Ihiya. The creek continues on through San Juan Valley, via Margos Lake and Zylstra Lake, feeding the largest Watershed on San Juan Island, eventually ending up at False Bay.

Ihiya is the small teal area in the left image, and the small green area on the right image. The red line indicates the route of Trout Lake Creek from Trout Lake to False Bay.